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Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai was awesome. We stayed at deejai backpacker, which was awesome. They have a kitchen in the common area in the main house, as well as right down the street like a block they have a pool, kitchen, bar, pool table, tree house, etc. People were great. Bought tickets to a Muay Thai fight through them on a discount and had the best seats in the house, because as the man working at the arena said "Oh, deejai. they pay good, you get good seat." That was fucking fantastic. We were sitting with a bunch of people from the hostel, getting lit, and gambling on the fights with the locals. The arena was down some sketchy ass alley in the back of some building, it was great.

Really enjoyed the Chiang Mai night bizarre as well. Real good time walking around in there and had a lot of fun listening to these Thai dudes jam out some American tunes. They sounded a shit load better than a lot of bands I hear in bars around here, even with their Asian accent. If you haven't seen how they make ice cream, watch this youtube video. It's the ultimate cold stone/marble slab.

We also rented bikes and hit the Samoeng Loop:

That was great, the views are fantastic and better than the ride to Pai (which I'll get to). Definitely, recommend doing that. We were gone about 5 hours or so. Could've done it quicker or slower depending on personal preference.

Would like to spend a couple more days in Chiang Mai, beautiful place.


The ride up to Pai was just kind of whatever. Did enjoy stopping and swimming in one of the big national park waterfalls. Was ready to get the fuck off the bike by the time we got up there though. We stayed at Purple Monkey Backpacker. Can't recommend this place enough if you are looking for a good time and can deal with shitty beds (though I only know what ours was like, not the rest of the ones they had) for a couple of days. It's owned and run by a 26-year-old Canadian chick and her friends, which at the time was a 28-year-old Canuck and a 25-26-year-old British chick. We got there on Canada day and everyone was partying. They have a slip n slide, basketball court, the bar, and kitchen is outside and they just blare music and encourage you to shotgun beers, play beer pong, etc. They have a pet eagle too which was fucking badass. There is a deck up on top of one of the dorms with a big projector and hammocks where they'll show movies for those that are interested at night. It's also right in town which was really convenient, could walk everywhere. Had a bunch of good food in Pai, including an Indian feast from a place called BeBe Spice that was fucking awesome.

We rode up and hiked the Pai canyon, hit a couple of viewpoints, went fishing in this stocked pond place. Again, would've liked to have had a couple more days, Pai was a lot of fun. The ride home was a lot better than the ride there, we were flying and probably made the trip in a little under 2:30 time on bikes. Pretty much every other white person we met seemed to have laid the bikes down at least once, which is hilarious. People just all fucked up everywhere. We owned those things though, 62-65 mph on a moped is awesome.


I know a lot of people recommend skipping/not spending a lot of time here, but maybe I'm still young enough for it or something because Bangkok is fucking awesome. Khaosan Road is a nonstop, balls to the wall party. The bars pretty much battle each other in the street for who can be the craziest. You can also find anything you want on this street, legal or illegal. We saw three fights in the first hour we were there on a Sunday night and the cops just broke it up and no one got arrested or anything, kinda blew my mind at first. We went and had some beers on Soi Cowboy which was a hilarious experience, great people watching. Soi 11 in Sukhumvit was a solid place to hang out as well. We went to this place for dinner one night: it was hilarious. We didn't get to do it, but we really wanted to do this:

Thailand has a real strong hustle game in general, but the Bangkok hustle is absurd. We just end up fucking with everyone and yelling at shady tuk-tuk drivers


We weren't here very long. Got in Sunday night, went and got a fresh grouper dinner which was delicious, then hit the strip of bars on Patong beach. Ended up just listening to these couple of cover bands which were pretty great, I have some videos I'll post later. The next day we did the John Gray Seacanoe tour. The weather was kind of shitty but it was fucking awesome, feel like you're in Jurrasic Park the whole time. Will post some pictures/videos of this later as well, highly recommend.

We were supposed to leave from here and go to Phi Phi, but as I noted while we were gone they had a storm so we audibled to Koh Samui.

Koh Samui

We didn't have anywhere to stay so we just got them to drop us off in the middle of chaweng beach and we'd figure it out from there. Walked up to the first hostel, was a little more than we wanted to spend. Turn around to walk off and some guy at the hotel right next door wanted us to come check his place out, so we do. Big room, two beds, AC, Hot water, right next to the beach. Was like 10 bucks a night per person so we were all over that.

Really enjoyed the beach here, water was great, the scenery was top notch. Drank a shit load of cocktails at a Rastafarian bar on the beach called Lipsmackers. They loaded them up with booze to cut the sweetness that is really prevalent. They also had mushroom shakes we took advantage of and tripped our faces off on the beach at night.

This whole island just goes hard as fuck every night. Ark bar is right on the beach and every night its a DJ, fire dancers, multiple bars, pool party, etc until 2 AM. Then at 2, everyone walks down the street to this bar called the Green Mango that doesn't open until 2, and the party just rages all night. We didn't do a whole lot beside get hammered and lay around on the beach and walk around the street. We were having such a good time doing that we were cool with it. Had some great fresh lobster and mussels dinner, some other fresh fish one night. About 2 am we had one of the best things I've ever put in my mouth, which was this pork with some spicy chili sauce from this street cart. holy fuck that was good.

The trip was awesome, enjoyed every moment of it. The airways over there are great. At one point our flights were delayed and they knew we really needed to get to Bangkok, so Bangkok Air literally held a plane full of people on the tarmac for us, ran us through some back doors to get to the front of customs and security lines. Their customer service is top notch.

Had a ton of good food. It probably ruined like 95% of American thai food for me but whatever.
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